Best nonfiction book: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

I loved this sweet little book for so many reasons (it is a great one for a retail businessperson to read especially), but I guess the thing that really inspired me, the thing that made me decide to write this book after reading it, was this: it gave me a totally new vision of what I can achieve in my career.

In the book I read this week, the author relates the true story of going from an overpaid ad man to a lowly Starbucks employee (less income but more benefits, actually)—and loving every minute of it. After getting fired from his big-time job due to his advanced age, Starbucks took him in—and he was completely taken aback by their business philosophy and their commitment to making what they did MEANINGFUL—even though technically it’s just coffee. He was taken aback by it all and also, he was just taken.
He loved it.
In the book he waxes eloquent on these topics, but what I took from what he wrote basically comes down to this: it is a truly awesome thing to not only love what you do but to believe in it, too.

Learned a new definition of the word “wealthy” today: Wealthy is when you are able to live comfortably off the interest from your investments, and leave the principle alone.

I got the definition from the book rich dad poor dad that I told you about. It may not seem to you too important to know what I consider the definition of this word to be, but to me, I know that truly, it is. According to my belief system, words are extremely powerful. In this case: a word, defined rightly, has provided me with something that I can’t say I really had before, namely: a goal.
Someday, I will be living off the interest from my investments, and when that day comes, I will have done all I ever wanted to do in regards to money. Then it’ll be time to get a new goal. Something much more spiritual, probably.
Don’t get me wrong, though: I make no apology for wanting this one first.


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